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Going the Extra Mile

Our Helping Hand service does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s been created for couples who just need a friendly, knowledgeable natter instead of a full-blown wedding planning service. Here at Elisabeth Shell Events, we’re pleased as punch to be able to offer you a range of options to see you through to your special day.


Inspiration Sessions

From £75


This is to help get you off the ground running. Phoebe will find out about your love story, unravel the various IG posts you’ve saved and browse through the hundreds of Pinterest boards you’ve created. We’ll work with you to filter down your ideas to put together a handy plan that will help you, your venue and other suppliers to visualise exactly what you want from your wedding day.


Off the Starting Blocks

From £100


Designed for couples who have already begun the wedding planning journey but could do with a serving of support, inspiration and guidance. Our Off the Starting Blocks Package is bursting at the seams with invaluable logistical advice and experience. After a good chat, it comes with an ‘Order of the day’, a planning schedule and a directory brimming with trusted suppliers who will make your wedding day as wonderful as you both are.

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