Romantic | Relaxed | Professional

Our Founder, Phoebe, is an old soul with a young heart. She holds an insatiable appetite for life with the type of creativity that allows her imagination to run wild. She’s a real people-person too, her thoughtful and relaxed approach will instantly make you feel like she’s a friend you’ve known for years. Her extensive experience, eye for detail and unrelenting energy means you won’t have a worry in the world when it comes to your wedding day. Authentic, colourful and effortlessly poetic, Phoebe has a warm personality yet never loses her cool – in fact, any wedding stresses can be put to one side when she’s around.


Phoebe was born in Hong Kong and has travelled all over the world, some of her favourite places include Iceland, India and Italy - it may appear that she has an affinity with countries beginning with ‘I’. She holds a degree in fine art and seeks inspiration from art, nature, fashion, film, music and travel. When she’s not working with happy, love-obsessed couples, you’ll find Phoebe in the depths of a book, whipping up culinary delights or walking her gorgeous German Shorthaired Pointer with her husband, Dan.