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'If not now, then when?'

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Weddings, events, festivals & parties! Everyone loves them - I love them! And a good job of it too. One has just decided, naively or bravely, to start one's own business...yikes!

With over 13 years experience in the hospitality and events industry, I like to think I know a bit or two about people. And about booze (I ran a busy, City-centre Cocktail bar with a lot of soul for 6 years), and about food (from Michelin kitchens and bustling London Mexican restaurants to chic French bistros), and music too (live music venues and old Jazz pubs). And it's these four things that make the perfect wedding. No really, it is that simple.

With a creative eye for the details, and some whizzy organisation skills, I'm pretty adept at combining the key factors for a spectacular day. Throw in a handful of years in a beautiful Wedding Venue in the West-Country as their Senior Wedding Coordinator and you have yourself an experienced Event Manager to oversee all your wedding dreams and make sure they are pulled off without a hitch (okay, just one hitch - you & your partner!)

Here I will just break down my four key areas for your perfect day: people, booze, food & music. Everything else is literally just decoration to your day (which is very important too, but comes much later on in the process - we'll go in to styling later).

1. Invite the best. Your best people, your best friends - don't worry about having an intimate day - if you feel obligated to invite them, they probably shouldn't be there. Scratch long-lost cousin Alex off the list, you can't remember the last time s/he even said hello.

2. Stock the bar well. I'm a fan of the elusive but fabulous 'No Corkage' venues out there. For your tee-totalers, don't just serve juice - there is a wealth of fabulous no or low alcohol options out there - ask me about some yummy mock-tails to blow them away. There are also some amazing mobile bars out there should your venue allow.

3. Let them eat cake! And a whole bunch of food. People who've been drinking throughout the day, have probably missed lunch and need sustenance to see them through to the dance floor. I know some fantastic caterers who can cook up anything from a simple two course posh picnic, to an extravagant three course plated affair. Don't forget the canapés and some delicious evening grub as well!

4. Allocate some budget for the music. If you have an incredible band, everyone will remember your day and dancing the night away.

So, there it is - my first blog post of my new business! I've been putting off starting it for a while. And then I read an article, over some marmalade on toast on one fortuitous Sunday morning, which quoted Invictus by William Ernest Henley at me - at me!:

I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.

and thought, bugger, I should probably do something about that. So if not now, then when?

Lots of Love


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